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Best free WordPress plugins are useful for improving performance of your WordPress websites. A list of these WordPress plugins to save your time and energy.

WordPress plugins are easily downloaded due to its flexible and easy to set up a Web publishing platform. Due to the popularity of wordpress, there are lots of WordPress plugins are created every day, which can be used for user-experience, improving speed, social and much more. Using these top wordpress plugins, the performance of the website can be improved along with SEO and overall user experience. Using WordPress plugins you can see many amazing effects like adding social sharing button, add an image slider, improving SEO and much more. WordPress makes good the site’s SEO due to the content management system. The official WordPress website where you can easily download WordPress plugins according to your requirement. With the help of this best wordpress plugin list you will easily improve your website with the save of your energy and money.

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Best Free WordPress Plugins 2014

In this article, I have collected 15 best free WordPress plugins 2014 for your WordPress website project. So just take a look and choose the best for you.


Worona - wordpress plugin

Worona is an open source WordPress plugin that enables users to create native mobile apps using their WordPress as a CMS. Worona is divided into 2 different parts: the WordPress plugin itself, which prepares the content of your WordPress site to be sent to the app, and the native app coded using Corona SDK.


Postcode - wordpress plugin

Postcode Shipping is a clean, powerful shipping rates plugin that helps you define multiple rates based on Quantity/Order on countrys/states/postcodes. If you want to apply shipping rates based on country or state or postcode/zip Postcode shipping rates plugin lets you define a standard rate per order/quantity.


Zedity - best wordpress plugins

Zedity is an innovative editor that gives you total flexibility and unprecedented possibilities to create posts and pages as naturally as if you’re sketching them out on a piece of paper! With absolutely no technical skills required and professional results finally achievable by anyone very easily and quickly, Zedity will make your WordPress experience amazingly better!

Ank Google Map

Ank Google Map - best wordpress plugins

Simple and non-bloated WordPress Google Map Plugin. One Website , One Map , One Marker. Simple and non-bloated WordPress Google Map Plugin. Written in pure javascript, no jQuery at all, responsive, configurable, no ads and 100% Free of cost.

Plugn Edit

Plugn edit - wordpress plugin gallery

PlugNedit is a ready to use Adaptive WYSIWYG Visual Editor that has features of a word processor and desktop publisher. The Adaptive Responsive HTML Editor is based on a 3D page building design with height, width and depth options available, standard online HTML editors are only based on 2D page editing design with height and width available.

Link Theme

Link Theme - wordpress plugin gallery

A simple way to host blog theme party on your WordPress blog or website. Multiple themes can be managed from a single console. You can have upto 30 participants in each theme. Auto pruning of blogs that do not reciprocate in adding the code on their pages via configuration.

Social Media Feather

Social Media Feather - must have wordpress plugins

WordPress Social Media Feather is a super lightweight free social media WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and painlessly add social sharing and following features to all your posts, pages and custom post types.

Auction Affiliate

Auction Affiliate - must have wordpress plugins

This plugin enables you to embed eBay items on your WordPress site and earn commissions through your eBay Partner Network (ePN) account. If you do not already have a ePN account you must create one in order to use this plugin.

Pixabay Images

Pixabay Images - wordpress plugins

Pixabay Images is a WordPress plugin that let’s you pick CC0 public domain pictures from Pixabay and insert them with just a click anywhere on your blog. The images are safe to use, and paying attribution or linking back to the source is not required.

Live Blog Analytics

Live Blog Analytics - wordpress plugins

Hitsniffer analytics is a powerful, yet simple, real time website visitor activity tracker and monitoring tool. Monitor your visitors clicks live and get useful stats and data such as referrers, bounce rate, link quality, search keywords, technologies used, OS, browser, came from and geo location city and country A time graph and much more advanced features are available such as goals and campaigns tracker for calculating return on investment and ratio.

WordPress Shortcodes

WordPress Shortcodes - wordpress plugins

WordPress Shortcodes is a free WordPress plugin that brings an amazing set of beautiful and useful elements to your site. The plugin comes bundled with the full set of elements, all absolutely free of charge.

The Welcomizer

The Welcomizer - top wordpress plugins

This plugin allows you to quickly animate your WordPress blog. Quickly create animations for your WordPress blog. Designed for webmasters, marketing consultants, web designers and bloggers.

Instagram Master

Instagram Master - top wordpress plugins

Instagram Master let’s your show your latest Instagram photos and View on Instagram Button inside any widget position. Such a cool and free app needed to be ported to wordpress with style, and that’s precisely what we have done. We are happy to present you our newest state of the art wordpress plugin, Instagram Master.

CSV Importer

CSV Importer - wordpress seo plugin

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin proven much effective advanced CSV File Importer With Ultimate User Friendly Features. It is much easy now even for newbies to import any csv file as any wordpress post type and associated fields by simple mapping feature. Now import any CSV file as thousands of post, page and custom post types.


MaxButtons - wordpress seo plugin

A CSS3 button generator for WordPress that’s powerful and so easy to use that anyone can create beautiful buttons. Create great-looking CSS3 buttons that can be used on any post or page in your WordPress site. The easy to use button editor makes it a snap to generate awesome CSS3 buttons in very little time.

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