A List of 7 Most Stunning Genesis Child Themes for WordPress

Genesis Child Themes For WordPress

Genesis Child Themes For WordPress

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A List of 7 Most Stunning Genesis Child Themes for WordPress

Genesis is StudioPress’ legacy: The framework has security, functionality, and everything else that counts. It even looks great without any customization and I recommend it to content heavy sites that need SEO friendly and fast loading theme or structure.

With that said, here are 7 of the best Genesis Child Themes for WordPress, because why settle with a framework when you can have more.

1. Sixteen Nine Pro Theme

This premium theme and framework combo is elegant, polished, and surprisingly simple. The black and white hued theme is developed by StudioPress team and set on $99.95. The look and feel creates an ambiance of refinement, while the design itself is extremely customizable.

2. Mindful Theme

Mindful by ZigZagPress is a responsive theme developed on Genesis. Priced at $49 without the framework, the theme comes with clean, performance optimized design and consistent code that returns no errors and is a joy to edit for developers. It looks and feels polished and is perfect for businesses and online stores.

3. Ambiance Pro Theme

Another StudioPress production developed on Genesis framework, Ambiance Pro Theme and framework combo are priced at $99.95. The theme is an absolute steal for avid bloggers from all walks of life with its clean, fresh design built for reading and a custom header that draws visitor’s attention to your identity on the first scroll.

4. AgentPress Pro Theme

This theme is perfect for online business and stores. Developed by StudioPress and priced at 99.95 with the Genesis framework, AgentPress pro theme packs 4 colors, 6 content and page layout options, a chic above-the-fold design and super smooth animations and effects on navigation and hover. It’s marketed as a theme for real estate industry, but it’ll work beautifully for other businesses and online stores.

5. Drone

This child theme by ZigZagPress is my personal favorite and deserves a mention for its clean markup, light/ dark skins, and a consistency and flair that you too will in love with. Priced at $49 without the framework, the theme packs coloring options and looks modernistic without minimalism or too much boring whitespace. It is consistently coded, so developers will love working with and customizing the theme. The masonry effect is smooth and fluid across various screen widths and the typography is chic.

It is perfect for multi-media blogs and portfolios and I really don’t have enough good things to say about this theme.

6. Centric Pro Theme

Developed by StudioPress and marked at $99.95 with the framework, Centric Pro is one of the best themes a marketer could come across.

The landing page style homepage section is designed in flat, calm elements without dividers that give the feel of seamless, unbroken flow of information. The above the fold design draws all eyes to the message but can be customized (and improved) with background image, while color coded sections underneath are perfect for highlighting individual sections of your message for high legibility.

The theme comes packed with 7 colors and 3 content and layout options. The transitions are marvelous, and work like a charm.

This theme is perfect for providers of digital products and services, as well as design and development agencies looking for a boost in sales.

7. Remobile Pro Theme

Developed by StudioPress (they do have the best work, but then again they did develop the framework too), and priced at $99.95 with the Genesis framework, Remobile Pro Theme is sweet, simple, and another delight for service providers, bloggers, and developers who can’t get enough of ghost buttons’ elegant appeal and like a unique approach to navigation.

Remobile packs all that in a tiny bundle. The typography looks classic, the design is clean and minimalistic (without looking too ‘empty’ or lifeless), the hamburger navigation opens horizontally at the top of the page, and the entire thing is coded consistently so the coders can have their fun with customizing the theme to their heart’s content.

The theme redefines simplicity with a hint of uniqueness.


The Upshot

There are thousands more where these seven came from. There is no shortage of choices in themes developed on Genesis framework. It expedites quality theme development like nothing else.

But all the same, while getting a Genesis child theme for WordPress, first look for clean code and worry about the design later. It will be kept in check by Genesis.


Author Bio: This article is written by Tracey Jones, a professional WordPress developer and well-known writer. Presently, she is providing her services for HireWPGeeks Ltd., a WordPress theme customization service provider company across the globe. She also happens to be a blogger who loves to write excellent articles related to web technologies.

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