10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins For 2014

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WordPress plugins are used to add any feature in your website. With the help of these plugins you will save your time and energy.

WordPress is one of the leading CMS platforms in web development. With the use of these WordPress plugins in your website you will improve the performance of your website and make it user friendly. WordPress plugins have lots of functions, so with appropriate one you have the ability to customize how your website looks. According the popularity of WordPress, there are lots of WordPress plugins are shaped every day, which can be used for improving speed of website, user-experience, unlimited functionality, social and much more. WordPress plugins have great features that make website SEO fast, improved database, faster loading, and provide security. This collection is very useful, because you will easily improve your website within less time and money.

Must-Have WordPress Plugins For 2014

In this article, I have collected some best 15 must have WordPress plugins in 2014 for your WordPress website.

Grand Flagallery

Grand Flagallery - wordpress plugins

Grand Flagallery – powerfull media and image gallery plugin. Easy interface for handling photos, image galleries, audio and video galleries.


Zedity - wordpress plugins review

Zedity is an innovative editor to create posts and pages very easily, quickly and completely hassle-free! With no technical skills required, it gives you total flexibility and unprecedented possibilities to create any desired design, as naturally as if you’re sketching it out on a piece of paper.

Easy Media Gallery

Easy Media Gallery - wordpress

Easy Media Gallery is a wordpress plugin designed to display various media support including grid gallery, galleries, photo album, multiple photo albums, portfolio, photo gallery or image gallery, image slider, google maps and google street view, youtube video, vimeo video, mp4 video, audio mp3 and link with very ease, fancy and elegant.


Flyzoo - must have wordpress plugin

Flyzoo is a sleek chat platform for Live Support with Real Time Visitor Monitoring, Group Chat Rooms and Private Chats. Flyzoo chat provides a live support solution with real time visitor monitoring for your e-commerce and group chats with one-to-one chats for your community.

Ultimate Product Catalogue Plugin

Ultimate Product Catalogue Plugin - top wordpress plugins

Displays a product catalogue or menu for your store, restaurant, group, etc. Has three default responsive layouts and can accept custom CSS.

Portfolio Gallery

Portfolio Gallery - free wordpress plugins

Portfolio Gallery is perfect for using for creating various portfolios or gallery within various views. The product allows adding descriptions and titles for each portfolio gallery. It is rather useful whever using with various pages and posts, as well as within custom location.

Visual Website Editor

Visual Website Editor - plugin

Meet Visual Website Editor a plugin that will turn your WordPress into a fully functional editor which makes editing/adding content easier than ever.

Free Live Chat by Tidio

Free Live Chat by Tidio - web development

Meet Tidio Live Chat – a free chat for your website. No logging in, no signing up – integrates with your website in less than 20 seconds.

YAY Images

YAY Images - web design

Images are a great way to reinforce the message in your post, and to build your blog brand. Studies show that images increase interaction and engagement with readers.

WooCommerce shop to Facebook

WooCommerce shop to Facebook - wordpress plugins

StoreYa is a leading Social commerce platform designed for automatically importing web stores onto Facebook, having them fully customized to fit both the Facebook arena and the original brand’s look & feel.

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