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WordPress plugins act as tools for extending or adding a completely new functionality to WordPress websites. In this article, we’ll explore the 10 best WordPress premium plugins.

They will add increased functionality to your website and make it even more amazing.

While your niche determines the plugins you need, some of them can benefit any kind of website. Security, speed, and SEO enhancement are universal requirements for a notable digital presence. And although these plugins aren’t free, their contribution and features make their price worthwhile.

So, whether your website is for real estate, logistics and transportation, music, or any other kind of art or business, here are some plugins you will certainly find useful.


WP Smush

wpsmush wordpress plugin

WP Smush is an award-winning image optimizer that lets you:

  • resize images
  • optimize images
  • compress images

Its Lossless Compression of images strips unused data without affecting the quality. In addition, its Lazy Loader defers offscreen images through one click.

Other features include:

  • image resizing that allows you to set a maximum height and width for large images, that will scale down as they’re being compressed
  • bulk smush used for optimizing up to 50 images with one click
  • directory smush that lets you optimize images even if they aren’t located in the media library

The plugin can also quickly locate images that are slowing down your website and automate optimization for a super-fast compression on upload. It is compatible with both global and individual Multisite settings.

Ultimately, with this plugin, you can process all your files, no matter if they are JPEG, PNG, or GIF.

Demo | Download


Gravity Forms

gravity forms wordpress plugin

Widely used and respected in the industry, Gravity Forms is one of the easiest tools for creating advanced forms for your WordPress site. You will be able to utilize it for designing professional looking contact forms and, as a result, stop losing valuable leads. In fact, it may even be the only WordPress form management plugin you will ever need.

The plugin features simplify creating and publishing WordPress forms. You merely select your fields, configure the options, and embed forms on your WordPress website using the built-in tools.

With Gravity, you can build almost any kind of form, including:

  • polls
  • user surveys
  • file upload forms
  • support request
  • quizzes
  • questioners
  • online orders

Thanks to its rich text editor, it can accept even completely formatted WordPress post submissions. Seamless integration with several popular web apps, third-parties and online services, such as PayPal, is also included.

Demo | Download


Revolution Slider

revolution slider wordpress plugin

Want to be able to configure every part of the slider’s animation and appearance? Looking to build advanced sliders with videos, images, social media, posts, or other content? Look no further.

The Revolution Slider plugin offers an innovative way to create dynamic and rich content for your WordPress site.

This powerful visual editor allows you to build modern designs in no time, without requiring any coding expertise. Build hero headers, sliders and carousels, full websites, content modules, dynamic solutions, and special FX with the help of its stunning add-ons.

The most recent version has an optimized editor with all options categorized intuitively, so you can complete everything in much less time. Its eye-friendly darkened user interface and improved loading times will make sure of that.

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WP Rocket

wp rocket wordpress plugin

Everyone hates slow loading websites. And unfortunately, so does Google. If you want to rank higher, generate more leads, sell more products, and deliver a better user experience (another SEO ranking factor), your website has to load fast.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a caching plugin. And, one of the leading caching plugins is the WP Rocket. Caching consists of generating and saving a ready-made static (unchanging) version of your site on your server, ready to display to visitors at a moment’s notice.

This reduces the need for back-and-forth communication between your website – as well as the user’s browser – and the server sending the information. Less communication and less data to transmit means faster loading time.

This plugin can:

  • decrease bandwidth usage with gzip compression
  • defer loading of JavaScript files
  • optimize Google Fonts
  • cache all the pages and posts on your website
  • enable browser caching
  • defer loading of images

Demo | Download



ubermenu wordpress plugin

As the name suggests, this is one of the most powerful menu plugins available on the market. UberMenu lets you create attractive and even so-called ‘mega menus’ – highly complex website outlines that include countless levels of sub-menus for users to search through. These come in handy for enhancing your website’s navigation.

Of course, these ‘mega-menus’ wouldn’t be so impressive if they didn’t include advanced content, such as Google Maps, pictures, and blog post grids. The plugin can even drag blog content for these grids dynamically, based on your selection of the variable. This could be done based on post type, post category, author, parent, and so on.

Moreover, UberMenu also automatically adds the posts’ featured picture to the grids, making sure the menus remain stunning.

Demo | Download



optinmonster wordpress plugin

Nowadays, email marketing is a powerful tool, but it needs to be used cautiously. Even large, powerful websites like Instagram or Facebook have to ask for your permission before they use your email address.

Providing a simple sign-up form on your website is inefficient. Users often overlook and ignore such pursuits.

This is where the OptinMonster plugin comes in – an adequately-integrated lead-capturing and lead-generating plugin that helps you convert those visitors into customers and subscribers.

What’s more, it is a holistic conversion optimization software, designed to help you increase sales and grow your email database.

The plugin makes it easy to build appealing opt-in forms that actually convert. It also includes a behavior detection technology that advises on the right campaign – for the right visitor, at the right time.

Demo | Download



livechat wordpress plugin

Pretty self-explanatory, LiveChat is a WordPress plugin you can use to swiftly and easily add instant support to your visitors. It enables real-time communication between on-site support specialists and customers, and provides immediate answers to questions and issues.

This plugin can increase your sales since it is the fastest way to deal with customer dissatisfaction. Additionally, it enables you to foster more stable and trustworthy relationships with your consumers.

The plugin has a comprehensive list of features. For instance, proactive chat invitations allow chat operators to automatically send personalized messages based on particular circumstances, like the time spent on the website and the number of visited pages.

In addition, the plugin comes with a bonus. LiveChat increases customer service performance by allowing you to hold multiple live chat sessions simultaneously, add chat tags, review chat transcripts, provide canned answers to regularly asked questions, and send files to clients through the live chat window.

Demo | Download



memberpress wordpress plugin

MemberPress is a holistic membership plugin for WordPress. It enables you to construct breathtaking WordPress membership websites, control who views what content, accept credit cards safely, and sell digital downloads.

Because of its user-friendly features, it will assist you to immediately capitalize on the user’s access to your content. With it, you can build, manage, and monitor membership subscriptions and sell any kind of digital download products.

Aside from these features, the plugin enhances managing your members by providing and withdrawing their access to pages, videos, posts, tags, communities, categories, feeds, and digital data depending on what membership they own.

What makes MemberPress different from other membership similar solutions is that it completely integrates with any existing WordPress website.

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Constant Contact

constant contact wordpress plugin

Constant Contact is the plugin that makes it simple and quick to gain access to visitors’ data from your WordPress website. Whether you want to acquire contact data, email addresses, or visitor feedback, the plugin lets you customize the forms with data fields that suit your needs.

With this plugin, you can build forms which are responsive on all devices while being uncluttered and simple in appearance. Moreover, you can select forms that automatically correspond to the style and theme of your website. The only requirement is that you have a PHP version no older than 5.4.

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Wordfence Security

wordfence security wordpress plugin

Wordfence Security acts as a digital defender for WordPress sites, protecting you against cyberattacks. It consists of a malware scanner and an endpoint firewall, developed from scratch to secure you from any online threats.

Its threat defense feed, the most recent firewall rules, malicious IP addresses, and malware signatures, maintain the safety of your website. Made complete by 2FA and a suite of additional options, WordFence Security is the most complete WordPress security solution out there.

The web application firewall recognizes and stops malicious traffic, and real-time IP blacklist blocks all requests from the most malicious IPs, defending your website while reducing the load. It protects your website at the endpoint, enabling smooth integration with WordPress.

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